Structured by Experience
Forged by Commitment


Design (Business Plan), establishment, creation and complete organization of a new business, introduction to the market(s), fine-tuning and continued smooth operation. The five (5) major projects completed successfully by VantagePoint S.A. are a valuable experience for the company, securing the future results in similar projects.

Through the implementation of the agreed Strategic Planning, our experienced and dedicated Business Development Team undertakes the company's development.

The direct penetration into the target markets, organized contacts with the company's prospective customers and the development of new markets in Greece and abroad, form the core services undertaken by the VantagePoint S.A. Development Network Team, through intensive daily operations in the market.

This is the “competitive edge” activity of the company! Partial or complete restructuring of companies, in order to improve their financial results and overall progress, either because of adverse economic conditions or because of a change in orientation.

The experienced team of VantagePoint S.A., each member of which is an expert in his/her field (CFO, CCO, IT, etc.), form the “Task Force” for any restructuring project undertaken. The selected “by project team” works along with the client’s staff, operating within the client’s offices. The four (4) major projects in various sectors of the economy successfully completed so far, are the most important achievements that VantagePoint S.A. can demonstrate, which substantially differentiate the company from any other in the market.

Direct implementation of a series of measures and policies, with the sole aim and purpose of completely changing the course of businesses that are on the verge of marking negative financial results, or already suffer losses. The undertaking and completion of four similar projects (4) in this field, resulted in the full turnaround of all four businesses.

Full participation in the process of company acquisitions and/or mergers in Greece and abroad. The process involves all stages from the evaluation of the company, its permanent support and the exploration of all markets in Greece and abroad, until the completion of the agreement and the interim management services where required.

The VantagePoint S.A. executive team has successfully completed six (6) such projects in Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Romania.

Provision of specialized Management Services by the VantagePoint S.A. experienced executives, all with a long and successful course in their respective fields (CEO, CFO, COO, HR, IT, etc.). Our dedicated team of executives undertakes the company's management, working closely with the company's executives and shareholders for the successful completion of the project. Finally, when deemed appropriate and mature by the shareholders, our team undertakes the smooth transition over to the new permanent staff selected by the shareholders to cover these positions, and the project is delivered.

VantagePoint S.A. services cover the entire range of operation of tourism enterprises, from their organization and management to their further development, targeted both to the business owners, as well as to individuals or businesses wishing to enter the sector. Beyond the traditional project management methods, particular emphasis is also placed on innovative proposals and solutions in the area of e-tourism, as well as on promoting alternative tourism service packages, which have excellent growth prospects (e.g. “city breaks”, religious, touring, gourmet, etc.). 

Our services include the design of targeted actions, aimed at increasing the Turnover of Hotel Units, especially during the particularly long “low tourist season”.

VantagePoint S.A. provides support services to companies interested in extroversion, regardless of their size and country of origin, through comprehensive services for their effective networking and establishment in new markets. Apart from the organization and targeting of sales and marketing in foreign target markets, these services include identifying, contacting and negotiating with potential partners, acting essentially as the export department of the company (spin off).

VantagePoint S.A. undertakes the whole spectrum of Hotel Management, ranging from the day-to-day management (Front Office, F&B, HR, etc.) to business development, assuming full responsibility and setting mutually accepted targets with the shareholders, while linking the success fees to the desired outcome.

VantagePoint S.A. has been, for many years now, a specialized business partner operating simultaneously as CEO, CFO and COO in alignment with the Administration of several co-operating companies/groups. In tourism, the comparative advantage of VantagePoint S.A. is that Hotel Management Services do not involve just one person, but a customized group of specialized and experienced professionals, operating in all sections at the same time, thus delivering multiple, attainable and sustainable results.

Moreover, during each project, the Management Team of VantagePoint S.A. secures, through an integrated hands-on training, that Know-How is transferred properly to the client’s group of executives, who, by the end of the project, should be proficient both in knowledge and experience to carry on.