Delivering Results


VantagePoint S.A. does not provide exclusively consulting services! For each and every prospective client, we propose and, simultaneously, undertake the full responsibility for the implementation of the proposal, bearing also the full responsibility for the outcome and linking it with our fee.

The competitive advantage of VantagePoint S.A. is that it was the first company to introduce in Greece the process of the complete undertaking of restructuring projects for Greek and foreign firms, through the full participation of its specialized executives within the client's corporate structures. Therefore, in every project undertaken by the team of VantagePoint S.A., we do not just give advices, but undertake also the daily management on behalf of the client, so as to achieve the final result.


VantagePoint S.A. boasts a rich history of commitment and successful implementation of many important projects, some of which are the following:




  • Preparation of a Business Plan and implementation thereof through the establishment, installation, accreditation (quality management systems according to ISO 9001 and ISO 15189) and start-up of a Stem Cell Bank in Romania

  • Undertaking of the full organization and management of the first private clinic in Durres, Albania


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Romania (1)

  • Cyprus (1)

  • Albania (2)




  • Planning, preparation and implementation of the business plan and management of a large Group of Medical Centres

  • reparation and implementation of the business plan and management of a large well-diversified provider of Business Support Services

  • Start-up, organization and development of the Insurance Sector for a large Group of Insurance Service Companies



  • Management and complete internal restructuring of a large commercial company

  • Management and complete internal restructuring of a large fast-food chain



  • Internal restructuring and turnaround of a Group of Clinics in Greece

  • Preparation of a complete Business Plan and direct turnaround of a large food industry

  • Preparation of a Business Audit and a Feasibility Study for the immediate turnaround and providing of a bank loan to one of Greece’s largest supermarket chains

  • Preparation and implementation of a Feasibility Study for a 4* Hotel in Chalkidiki

  • Management, operation responsibility and development of a large Private General Clinic


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Thessaloniki (1)

  • Athens (1)


Development Network

  • Development of the turnover of a Private Clinic in Piraeus

  • Expansion of the number of outlets of a fast-food chain in Thessaloniki


Supplementary Services

  • Preparation of the Business Plans for a General Clinic, a Rehabilitation Centre, a Gastroenterology Centre, a Dental Centre, a Veterinary Clinic, etc.

  • Preparation and Implementation of Quality Management Systems in Greece and abroad in the sectors of food and beverages, hotels, service companies, private clinics, etc., specializing in the Healthcare Sector

  • Preparation of Business Aduditing and Feasibility Study on behalf of large companies in the sectors of food and beverages, hotel groups, private clinics, etc.

  • Valuation of companies in the sectors of services, agricultural research, etc.

  • 100% approval rates for our applications regarding the inclusion of Investor Business Plans financed through National and European Programs