A VantagePoint
to your Advantage


VantagePoint S.A. was founded in 2008 and the Company has been developing its activities successfully within Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa), as well as abroad (Romania, Albania), ever since.

VantagePoint S.A. is specializing in providing expert and high level services in the fields of organization, restructuring, development and consolidation of abusiness,inallfieldsoftheMarket(Economy).

Theseservicesarebeingprovidedinthe‘handson’ Projects,throughthedirectinvolvementofour Professional Associates,whoimplementtheagreed‘ActionPlan’intheCompanyClient.

VANTAGEPOINT S.A. ‘s Associates, function from a position of responsibility covering all technocratic areas of a business (i.e CEO, CFO, COO, HR, IT, etc.)

The company mainly undertakes ‘hands on’ projects in the fields of "Restructuring/Turnaround" and "Business Auditing", in close cooperation with the management and shareholders of the client groups/companies., while parallel is the specialization in the field of the so-called "Startups", i.e., starting a whole new businesses or activities.